In The Nursery

Our In The Nursery section highlights a little bit of everything we carry here at Driftwood. From our extensive selection of large outdoor landscape material to small house plants and even consumable material like fruit and herbs, we have what you need to make a beautiful and awe-inspiring garden best suited for you.

All of the plants we carry have preferences on watering, sun exposure and feeding, which can be a lot to remember. For someone who has lived in southwest Florida for many years these preferences may not be anything other than common knowledge, but they could be completely reversed for individuals not familiar with the climate. Either way, Driftwood is here to help.

Our hard goods section highlights everything other than plants that we carry. Anything ranging from pottery to soil and even koi fish are included. We have an abundance of different tools and supplies to get your home & garden looking their absolute best.





Have any specific questions? Give us a call, or stop in at either of our locations and talk with one of our trained experts to give you the upper hand!