Bedding Flowers


Flowers are the first thing that comes to mind for many when they visualize a landscape. All of the different color variations found on the many bedding plants available to use here in south Florida are awe-inspiring, but can sometimes be overwhelming when planning a flower bed or a planter. We at Driftwood are here to help you find the right plant for your unique conditions, taste and needs.


Many flowering bedding plants are used to spruce up a landscape design with color. Periwinkles and impatiens are quite popular due to their ease of care and wide array of colors. Many flowers attract wildlife and many gardeners plant specific flowers, like lantana and pentas to attract butterflies and bees. Some plants, like milkweed, are included in these butterfly gardens because they serve as a host plant for the endangered monarch butterfly. Attracting this specific butterfly and raising their caterpillars quickly becomes a favorite hobby for many.

A large number of our bedding plants are found in 4” to 6” containers, which makes them a perfect addition to any landscape in need of just a little more color. The majority of flowering bedding plants will want full to part sun depending on the time of year, so it’s important to plan accordingly.

Watering plants thoroughly and then allowing time to dry out before the next watering is essential to many plants in southwest Florida, so it is best to use a well-draining soil when planting. Using the appropriate fertilizer is important for plants to thrive, so it is good practice to do it on a regular schedule to ensure good plant health. We recommend fertilizing quarterly with organic or granular extended-release fertilizer for best results.




Below is a short list of popular plants in this field:

*Selection may vary by location / time of year – list does not directly reflect current inventory*

  • Flowers
    • Milkweed, Periwinkle, Impatiens, Penta, Begonia, Purslane/Portulaca, Geranium, Alyssum, Lantana, Petunia, Bacopa, Marigold, Lobelia, Angelonia, Salvia, Torenia, Mona Lavender, Blue Daze, Zinnia, Ice Plant, Color Bowls/Confetti Garden Bowls, Pansy, Gazania, Celosia, Heather, Crossandra, Lily, Cosmos, Viola, Snapdragon.



  • Vines
    • Confederate Jasmine, Black Eyed Susan, Mandevilla, Dipladenia, Alamanda, Sky Vine, Bleeding Heart Vine, Passion Vine, Florida Flame Vine, Mexican Flame Vine, Coral Honeysuckle, Queens Wreath, Dutchman’s Pipe, Morning Glory,  Poison Arrow.


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