Shrubs are plentiful here at Driftwood, with a large selection of different bushes that flower along with many others that boast decorative foliage. Most of the flowering shrubs prefer full sun to look their best, but many can be acclimated to different conditions. A little research and planning will ensure whatever shrub you choose will thrive.


Crotons for example are known for their hardiness when it comes to watering (they prefer being on the dry-side) but also known for their ability to grow in a vast number of situations. Many can be seen out in full sun, but it is not uncommon to see them growing nicely in a mostly shady environment.

The majority of our shrubs can make excellent hedges for the landscape. Many can also be kept trimmed and separate, depending on the spacing and ability to trim-back the plant regularly. Some plants, like aboricola and eugenia, are much more commonly kept as a hedge due to their naturally dense look. On the other hand, asian snow is more difficult to keep as a true hedge since it typically stays smaller and more compact. That is why asking questions and doing research are key to planning a great landscape.

Watering plants thoroughly and then allowing time to dry out before the next watering is essential to many plants in southwest Florida, so it is best to use a well-draining soil when planting. Using the appropriate fertilizer is important for plants to thrive, so it is good practice to do it on a regular schedule to ensure good plant health. We recommend fertilizing quarterly with organic or granular extended-release fertilizer for best results.



Sweet Almond Bush with a friend

Below is a short list of popular plants in this field:

*Selection may vary by location / time of year – list does not directly reflect current inventory*

  • Flowering
    • Asian Snow, Ixora, Plumbago, Tibouchina, Hibiscus, Mussaenda, Shrimp Plant, Firecracker, Rose, Duranta, Firebush, Thyrallis, Jasmine, Jatropha, Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow, Alamanda, Sweet Almond, Texas Sage, Gardenia, Bougainvillea, Heliconia, Clerodendrum, Powderpuff, Bottlebrush, Dombeya, Bird of Paradise, Oleander, Panama Rose, Shooting Star, Indian Hawthorne, Viburnum, Angel Trumpet, Devil Trumpet, Holly, Beautyberry, Plumeria/Frangipani.


  • Foliage
    • Croton, Arboricola, Clusia, Cocoplum, Ficus, Copperleaf, Podocarpus, Coontie Palm, Cardboard Palm, Snowbush, Juniper, Carissa, Philodendron, Alocasia, Ligustrum, Cordyline-Ti, Dracaena, Pittosporum, Eugenia, Buttonwood / Silver Buttonwood, Seagrape, Agave.



Have other questions? Give us a call, or stop in at either of our locations and talk with one of our trained experts to give you the upper hand!