We carry a wide variety of fruit trees and shrubs that will keep you more in touch with your garden. It may seem that fruit trees take more care and attention than more common landscape plants, but the end result is having something fresh and delicious to enjoy. Growing fruit and citrus can quickly turn into a rewarding hobby and will having you wanting more. We often carry varieties that can be grown in a container, making it easy to grow fruit right on your patio! Whether it is a common fruit like lemon or lime, or a more exotic fruit like star-fruit or a lychee, we have what you are looking for.

Certain fruit trees and shrubs require more specific and regular maintenance. For example, citrus trees in general do better if they are in well-draining soil and in the full sun. They like to get a deep though soak when watered and then allowed to dry in between. Staying too wet or over-watering can lead to problems and a steady decline in health. However, not all fruit trees should be treated the same. Bananas for example like a little bit more water, but do not want to sit wet, and are not well suited to growing in containers. Most if not all fruit trees prefer slightly different conditions, so asking questions and doing research is best when planning a landscape.

All fruit and citrus trees benefit from regular monitoring for pests and diseases along with quarterly fertilization with an organic or extended-release granular fertilizer.




Below is a short list of popular plants in this field:

*Selection may vary by location / time of year – list does not directly reflect current inventory*

  • Citrus
    • Lemon (Meyer/Eureka/Bearss), Lime (Persian/Key), Orange (Blood/Red Navel/Mandarin/Valencia), Tangerine, Tangelo, Grapefruit, Kumquat, Cocktail Tree, Finger Lime.


  • Tropical Fruits
    • Banana, Cherry, Papaya, Avocado, Mango, Carambola, Lychee, Mulberry, Grape, Passion Fruit, Miracle Fruit, Dragon Fruit, Loquat, Jackfruit, Sapote, Apple, Pineapple, Black Peppercorn, Pomegranate, Coffee, Raspberry, Guava, Soursop, Persimmon.


  • Spices/Useful Foliage
    • Bay Leaf, Bay Rum, Sugar Cane, Allspice, Moringa.


Have other questions? Give us a call, or stop in at either of our locations and talk with one of our trained experts to give you the upper hand!