Lawn & Garden Products

Keeping your plants happy and healthy comes down to being consistent and paying attention to their signs.

Soil & Fertilizer

Soil and fertilizer play a very important role in the overall health of your plants. Sometimes, natural soil conditions can lack in the essential nutrients plants need to grow and look their best. We can recommend the right planting amendments to start your landscape projects off to a great start.

Once planted it is important to fertilize on a regular basis. Quarterly feeding is a common schedule (with granular extended-release fertilizer), but needs are based on the type of plant and the conditions they are in. Application rates and methods can vary so following label directions on each product is important to avoid damage from over feeding. Feel free to call or come in and speak to one of our experts with any questions on specific plants.

We carry a large selection of both liquid and granular extended-release fertilizers. Liquid fertilizers are usually recommended for supplemental feeding or for houseplants and is great for a quick boost of plant food, but it is often not enough alone. Granular fertilizer, or slow-release fertilizer, breaks down overtime to provide a more extended and consistent release of nutrients. We carry several kinds of both synthetic and organic fertilizers to fulfill your gardening needs.

Organic fertilizers, like any of our Espoma products, are an excellent option for a wide range of gardens. Organic fertilizers work similarly to synthetics, but they must be broken down naturally first before being taken in by the roots. Because of this, it is nearly impossible to over-fertilize plants (although we do not recommend trying). Other organic liquid feeds, like fish emulsion, are also an option for gardeners looking for a quick boost.



Pest & Weed Control

Even with good care and practices, plants can sometimes “get” bugs or disease. We carry a wide variety of pesticides, fungicides and weed killers with both conventional and organic options.

Don’t know what’s wrong with your plant? Our experts are always willing to take a look and give advice on how to treat it. Not only can we recommend products, but we can often recommended cultural practices to prevent it from happening again.

  • Insecticides – contact killers & systemic, granular & liquid, organic options & other natural oils, concentrates & ready-to-use/ready-to-spray
  • Fungicides – systemics & concentrates, granular & liquid, organics
  • Repellents – liquid & granular/powder for deer, rabbits, and insects

We carry a wide variety of pesticides, fungicides, weed killers, and even organics from an assortment of well known brands, so stop in or give us a call to get the right product for the situation.

As well as garden / weed control products,  we also carry water treatment products like Algaecide and Beneficial Bacteria to help keep ponds and fountains looking their best. For specific products in stock, stop in or give us a call.